Director debunked the 'My Love From The Star' Season 2 news


It has been reported that Director of 'My Love from the Star' is working for Season 2 and finally, he himself talks about the news.

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Director Jang Tae Yoo, who created the SBS drama has been interviewed by OSEN about the news, that he is currently creating a sequel of the drama. Here's the full translation of the interview:



Q: Have you seen the articles about "My Love from the Star 2"?



Jang Tae-yoo: "I just saw it after midnight after I got back from work".



Are you making "My Love from the Star 2"?



"(Laughs) First of all, no. I would love to, but everyone I need in the drama are all working on something else and I am busy with someone else too, so it's realistically impossible".




Why did the report on it come out then?



"I don't know why. Apparently, I said it during a premiere of another movie in China, but I think the translator misunderstood what I said. I said I would love to make a sequel, but I don't have plans right away".



You must've been surprised.



"Actually, it didn't hit me right away. I kept getting calls but I was away with work and couldn't answer. However, all this is happening because everyone is still thinking and talking about it".





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Source: hancinema