BTS x The Chainsmokers collaboration this summer?


It started in April when BTS tweeted a screenshot of The Chainsmokers' track, 'Young'. The duo replied to that photo tweet, and since then, fans are asking for a collaboration.

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Now, the two groups were spotted together before the start of 2017 Billboard Music Awards, where both BTS and The Chainsmokers are nominated in different respective categories.



BTS and The Chainsmokers posted through social media their hang out. One of the photos posted by The Chainsmokers has a caption "Love these dudes! See you this summer @BTS_twt." Following The Chainsmokers' statement in April saying, We want to collaborate with a K-Pop artist who shares the same vision with us. We're waiting for the best timing." Fans are now guessing that they are hinting for a collaboration.



Check out The Chainsmokers IG stories with BTS.




After BTS won the Top Social Artist Award,



Might summer be the season of collaboration? Let's cross our fingers!