Rain denied a role in Marvel‘s X-Men. Here's the reason why


In a recent interview, actor Lee Bum Soo revealed that he saw RAIN completely differently while filming their new movie 'Uhm Bok Dong' together.

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He explained that he used to think Rain was simply like any other celebrity, but upon working with him in the film, he noticed that Rain had grown and developed into a talented male actor with a unique aura.


According to him, “I’m learning new things about Rain while working with him on this production. In addition to looking forward to how well the film will do, I’m also looking forward to his birth as an actor by the name of Jeong Ji Hoon. He’s working more genuinely and passionately than ever before. I’ve told Rain this before, but I said, ‘A while ago, you seemed like just a celebrity, but after monitoring your performance, you’ve become an actor with an aura.'”


The veteran actor also revealed that Rain had been offered a role in Marvel’s upcoming X-Men film, due to start filming in July of this year, but he declined the role because the filming for 'Uhm Bok Dong' was scheduled until August.

The actor praised Rain’s honesty and commended his loyalty to his commitments, and expressed that he was thankful to Rain for being so honorable.