14 Male K-pop Idols with Thick, Kissable Lips


You are in for a treat! These handsome and talented male KPOP idols definitely have full and plump lips that are oh-so kissable! Let's begin listing them down, in no particular order:



1. SHINEE Taemin



2. VIXX Ken



3. EXO D.O



4. Block B Zico



5. IKON Jun-hoe



6. Infinite Dongwoo



7. Monsta X Hyungwon



8. BIG BANG Daesung



9. Teen Top Niel



10. Highlight Gikwang



11. MBLAQ Seungho



12. WINNER Seungyoon



13. BTS Jimin 



14. EXO Kai



Whose lips do you want to kiss the most? Share your answer in the comments below!