Moon Chae Won shares her preparations for her action-packed role in 'Criminal Minds'


During the press conference held last July 19 at Gangnam Imperial Palace, actress Moon Chae Won shares her preparations for her role in the upcoming tvN drama 'Criminal Minds'.



She plays the role of Ha Seon Woo in 'Criminal Minds', a behavioral analyst who conducts criminal profiling in the NCI department.


“You learn how to do action scenes while you’re on set and getting hurt,” she said. “To prepare myself for the role, I found an action school and began training. That way I could bring more reality to my action scenes instead of learning only the moves required for each scene.”



Moon Chae Won proudly added, “At first I was really scared I would get hurt. But once I got going, all of my worries disappeared.”



'Criminal Minds' is a psychological investigation that uses profiling techniques so they can see the perspective of criminal and will depict the process of catching a serial killer. The drama is a remake of the American series with the same title and scheduled to premiere its first epsiode on July 26.