5 beauty tips from Korean actresses


Trying to achieve that Korea skin but you don't have enough budget? These well-known Korean actresses will help you as they share their beauty tips.


1. Have a good skin care routine


We've seen her as the freckeled-face Kim Hye Jin in the romantic comedy, 'She Was Pretty' but Hwang Jung Eum has gorgeous skin. In fact, she was voted on tvN’s “Name List 2015” where she ranked fifth as “Beauties with Flawless Skin Even When Seasons Change.”



Despite having extremely dry skin, she cleanses her face five to six times to get rid of all impurities and dead skin cells and to restore the moisture levels of her skin, she finishes off her skin care routine with a nourishing facial oil, which is one of the keys to achieving her healthy glow. For additional hydration, she makes sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as treat herself to a moisturizing facial mask every day.




2. Green tea mask is a must!


Actresses Seo Hyun Jin and Moon Chae Won share their secret to maintain their honey dewy skin and it's green tea! According to them, green tea helps reducing the puffiness on their face.



The tip is really simple: just soak 2 cotton pads with green tea and place them over the cheeks for 5 to 10 minutes.




3. Protect your skin from the sun


Aside from green tea masks, Moon Chae Won shares how she deals skin troubles in 3 step. 



One, she avoids touching her face. Two, soothe the skin with a cold wet towel rubbed with ice cubes. Finally, she also tells that she applies a sunscreen mist to protect her skin from the sun, as well as a soothing moisturizing mist to maintain moisture.




4. Have a healthy diet


They say that "You are what you eat". Your lifestyle will reflect on your face. The 34 year old actress, Yoo In Na, who was a supporting character in 'My Love From The Star' and now known for her role as Sunny in 'Goblin' revealed her secret, “I rarely eat white rice. I eat cabbage often. I like them. I avoid snacking at night. I also don’t visit the dermatologist often. I only go when I can’t pop a pimple.”




5. Drink loads of water


These two fantasy drama actresses remind us that taking water is really, really, really important.


In last year’s InStyle magazine, Kim Go-Eun shared that she drinks 2 litres of water every day on top of barley tea. In addition, she sprays face mists throughout the day and puts on face oils at night to be makeup-ready the next day.



While the mermaid in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', Jun Ji Hyun emphasized sufficient water intake and a good night’s sleep for clear skin. Jun Ji Hyun said that she drinks lukewarm water frequently throughout the day to keep her sensitive and dry skin moisturized.




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