Yoo Seung Ho Talks About What Really Happened In His Kissing Scene With Chae Soo Bin


Actor Yoo Seung Ho talked about his trending kissing scene with Chae Soobin in 'I'm Not a Robot'


Recently, Yoo Seung Ho had an interview with Yonhap New, where he talks about his current drama, he said, “"I am grateful because I can play a love story which is appropriate for my age. I need to adjust myself in 'Monarch: Owner of the Mask' (previous drama), but here, I can be natural and be myself."


Then he added on what really happened on the sizzling kiss in the kitchen in 'I'm Not a Robot'. He said "There are a lot of kiss scene in the drama. For the kiss scene I had in the kitchen, it was all my idea. I realize that it was intense after I filmed it. When my friends saw the scene, they called me a 'thief.'"

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