EXO's Chen Underfire For Possible Racist Remark


On April 15, Sunday EXO-CBX went live via Naver's "V-Live" app for their recent comeback. During having fun and playing games, Chen made some comments that immediately caught the attention of viewers, especially international fans.

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""I look like Michol," he said as the dark lipstick was being applied to his lips, making it look bigger than his original lips.



The Michol that Chen was talking about wa sthe fictional character from "Dooly the Little Dinosaur", and although the character is South Korean, he is being criticiez as blackface caricature.




Chen made a comment again saying, 


"My lips look too plump" under the English subtitle.



However, viewers who doesn't even understand Korean heard  was "Isn't this Kunta Kinte? even after the korean title was released, it has the same translation.



"Isn't this Kunta Kinte? (이거 쿤타킨테 아니에요?)" could be read.

Kunta Kinte happened to be a character from the novel 'Roots: The Saga of an American Family' which  is based on one of his ancestors who was enslaved and taken to America, a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction according to its author




After this incident Chen continuously received criticisms while otehrs are defending his situations




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