Park Hyung Sik Revealed How Depressed He Was When He Was Bullied During Trainee Days


Park Hyung Sik revealed one of his bad experience in the past.

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Recently, Park Hyung Sik revealed a bad experience before he became a famous actor. Park Hyung Sik started as an idol, and just like other idols he experienced hardship while being a trainee. He even told a story when he was bullied, he said, "When I was a trainee, I was depressed. It was during my previous agency. I was trained hard and I was hurt by people. I was close with the manager who cast me and talked a lot about my future."


He added, "People thought that I took benefits of being close to the top management. One day, everyone stopped eating with me, they ignored me, and pretended that I was not there even when I was there."


Park Hyungsik is currently starring at the American-remake series, Suits.



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