8 Possible Ways To Get Yourself An Oppa


We all wanted to have our own oppa. Not a virtual oppa anymore but someone you can have a physical contact with. 

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There are 8 possible ways to get yourself an oppa that you have been waiting and dreaming for.




1).  You must know how to speak in their language inorder to communicate. Koreans love their language so much. If you are not yet that fluent, at least let them see that you are trying hard to learn their language.



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2). South Korea's culture is very important. 

WARNING: If you cannot accept their culture, you are more likely to go home broken hearted. 


Learning about other cultures fosters understanding.  Many of the problems we have in this world are due to misunderstandings. When you learn about another culture, and see why others do the things they do, it’s easier to understand them. You can develop sympathy with others. It’s harder to justify things like hatred and war when you understand where another person is coming from.



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3). Being interested in South Korea's culture alone won't do. Do you imagine yourself being interested in a field of study but do not pursue it later on? What would happen? Nothing, right? That is absolutely similar to being involved in their culture. Let yourself in in their circle and make things work out for you and your future partner! 




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4). This is an important reminder. Getting yourself involve in the world of Koreans will not be easy, and will never be. "Nothing beats the family" 


Aside from culture, another important thing you have to deal with is "his family". Korean parents are not into foreigners for their sons which will make your wish a little hard. 


But as long as you have "respect", please them with using that. It is not enough to have, you need to execute it. Fighting!



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5). Koreans love it when you enjoy their food. 



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6). Always smile! But be careful about it. Koreans are not Westerners that when you smile towards at them, they will smile back. 




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7). "Sincerity" will never get old. If you like him, make him feel that you really do. Do not make him feel that you just like him because he's Korean and your favorite celebrities are living in his country.


Never use someone to get your own desires.




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We are down to the last! 



8). Nobody looks appealing with an odor or smell. Especially to the most important parts of your body. Do you want your future oppa to tell you that you smell?? Do you want your future oppa to tell you that you have dark underarms?? That's a no-no!



But is it possible to avoid it? 



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Yes, it is!!!


What if you're on a date with him and you suddenly raised your hands. Your underarms are sweating and it will turn him off, right?




What if he bought you a cute sleeveless top? (Koreans don't like it when you reject what they are offering.) But you have dark underarm? You will be embarassed if he sees it.



Don't worry because we got you the answer!


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