Jeong Chae Yeon's Wedding Dress Has Been Revealed To The Public


Jeong Chae-yeon's wedding dress is gaining attention.

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On Thursday, MLD Entertainment made a surprise announcement of a teaser image depicting Jeong Chae-yeon as the bride of June.







In the image released, she is staring at the bouquet in her hand, wearing a white wedding dress and covering her face gently with a veil. The graceful beauty that makes the hearts of men so cool, the bride's appearance catches the eyes of everyone.









Meanwhile, peoplea re interested with guy on the picture which is believed to be her partner,





"The scene whereJeong Chae-yeon is wearing a wedding dress was so beautiful and the time seemed to stop," a source at the scene said.




The second teaser image of Jeong's story will be released at midnight on October 7.




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