[CONFIRMED] 2PM's Woo Young To Enlist In The Military Soon, Shares His Farewell Message


2PM's Woo Young doesn't want to let his fans down... so created a farewell message to his fans before his enlisment.

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Woo Young's fansign event was held on June 16 in Seoul where he revealed to his fans that this might be his last and official event before his military enlisment. But he did not revealed the exact date of his enlistment. 

The singer stated, 

"It will be sad and I'll miss you guys but when you think about it with a broader view, I'm going there to protect you guys. I'm enlisting to protect my family, members, and staff. I hope you guys can cheer me on with a proud mind. I'll be healthy and return as a real man."




He added, "I recently had a meal with J.Y. Park. He told me, 'You did well. You've done very well so far. Let's just think that the first half has come to an end. Hyung will be protecting the company until you come back. Let's work hard together again when you return'."





Wooyoung assured fans, saying, "Don't worry. I will complete my training and come back coolly. It's not like I'm going somewhere that I can't ever leave. I'm going to protect our country so you guys can live comfortably."





We are wishing for his safety while serving the country.




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