12 Facts You Should Know If You're A Fan Of EXO-CBX


Let’s get to know more about this incredible sub-unit!



1. Xiumin is actually the oldest member of EXO despite his young looks. (He is also the most organised and the one that wakes up the earliest which makes sense due to his age haha)




2. Baekhyun has one of the most famous pre-debut videos of all K-pop idols. There’s a video of him doing a light switch dance that pretty much summarises his outgoing personality.




3. Before joining EXO, Chen wasn’t the type to play video games, although after living with the members he has slowly started to become a gamer.




4. Once ex-EXO member Tao called Xiumin ‘oppa’ when he should have called him ‘hyung’ and for a brief moment Xiumin thought Tao was a girl.





5. If you become close with Baekhyun he says he likes to talk non-stop to the point where you’d have to cover his mouth for him to stop talking.





6. A fan called Chen a ‘dancing machine’ at an event which received huge laughter. The name stuck with him ever since.





7. Xiumin bought a coffee machine so that he could make cappuccinos and lattes for the members (In the future he would like to open his own coffee shop)





8. Baekhyun likes to eat all kinds of food from all over the world, he doesn’t discriminate. (Although he doesn’t like cucumbers, his mother offered him $5 to eat one and he refused!)





9. In interviews Chen is usually relaxed and quiet but when he’s with the members he loves to prank and joke around with them.





10.  Xiumin’s favourite shows to watch are SpongeBob Squarepants and Baby Huey (You’re never too old for cartoons!)





11. Baekhyun wishes he could grow taller (When he first met Kris he couldn’t believe a human could be so tall)





12. If Chen had to share a room with an EXO member he’d choose Sehun because they have never been roommates. (The member that he’d want to avoid is Baekhyun!)

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