Kim Young Kwang Gains Attention For His Treatment With Park Bo Young



What Kim Young Kwang did in "Your Wedding" Press conference gained attention.





The actors stood in front of the photo wall and have their pictures taken and Kim Young Kwang bent his knees to match Park Bo Young's height which made the actress laugh. 






Kim Young Kwang is 187cm (6'2") tall while Park Bo Young is only 158 cm (5'2"). 





During the press conference, the lead actors talked about receiving too much attention because of their height difference. 





Kim Young Kwang said "I'm glad I could do 'manner legs' for her. We said we should show more of our height difference."





Park Bo Young also said, "Kim Young Kwang was very considerate of me when filming together. He probably had a hard time keeping the 'manner legs'."


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''Your Wedding" is scheduled to hit the theaters on August 22.