iKON Gives Thankful Messages To Fans After Success Of “Goodbye Road"


iKON shared their thoughts on their comeback with “Goodbye Road.”





On October 3, the group held an interview with YTN Star, where they talked about their joy in achieving No. 1 on various music charts and their affection for their fans, iKONICs.





On their successful comeback, B.I. shared, “I almost hugged myself and cried. I was that happy and amazed. I wanted to say thank you for listening and enjoying our music. We will continue to be iKON. I love you, iKONICs.” Jinhwan remarked, “Thank you so much for listening to our music, for supporting us, and for loving us!! We will become a humble, more hard-working iKON.”





Bobby commented, “Thank you for always being with us and for loving us. We will continue to work hard and love you all to become a more and more humble iKON!! Thank you!! iKONICs, iKON, fighting!” Junhoe added, “Thank you so very much. We will never forget our gratitude to our fans, and will work hard in our promotions!!”





Chanwoo shared, “It’s very hard to achieve No. 1 on music charts, so I’m so happy! Everything was possible thanks to our fans and the public. Thank you.” Donghyuk commented, “Thank you so much for giving us so much love. We will always work hard to become a group that shows more people better music and performances, so please give us a lot of interest and support! And to our iKONICs who are always a source of strength to us, I’m so sorry, I love you all, and thank you.”




Yunhyeong remarked, “First of all, iKONICs I love you all. With humility and hard work, I hope to repay even just a little of the love you all have given. I hope you all walk on a ‘flower road’ rather than a ‘Goodbye Road.'”





With their recently released mini album “New Kids : The Final” and their title track “Goodbye Road,” iKON has concluded their “New Kids” trilogy. The three part series began with “New Kids : Begin” and dual title tracks “BLING BLING” as well as “B-DAY.” The second part of the series was released last August, “New Kids : Continue” with “Killing Me.”

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