6 Reasons Not To Miss Out Lee Jong Suk's Fan Meeting in the Philippines


Lee Jong Suk in Manila is finally happening on 18th of November this year! And here are exciting reasons not to miss out his stop in the Philippines!



Make sure your hearts are ready, okay?




1). This is his first fan meeting in the Philippines



If you're a 100% addict Lee Jong Suk fan, you already know that the actor visited Philippines, specifically in Davao City on 2013 with one of South Korea's hottest actor, Seo In Guk. The actors visited to film "No Breathing"



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2). Breathing the same air.



Nothing feels better than seeing the guy you love then breathe the same air even for just one night! Do you agree? ^^



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3). You will treasure this moment for a lifetime.



Fangirling costs a lot of investment. Not just money but, emotions, time and interest. After investing, it's  better to give yourself the biggest break and that's to see the person you invested on!!




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4). This could be your last chance to  see Lee Jong Suk both in person and in television since he's going to enlist soon in the military.




Are you even ready for him to leave? Of course not! It's sad to see the back of the person you love. Remember that seeing your Oppa in drama is far different from seeing him in the fan meeting.


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Yes, it is!! You might be picked to to act a scene from his drama and that's the perfect time for the fan service!! This is so exciting ^^

But don't be super excited to the point you'll harm the artist just like what happened before.




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6). AEGYO King



Oooopppsss!! Better prepare lots of oxygen on D-DAY because I might pass out from this cuteness!




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If you miss this out, then your missing out a lot of good things in your life!



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