Park Hae Jin Thanks His Fans From Winning The Award in AAA 2018


Hallyu star Park Hae-jin won the Asia Ecologist Award at the Asia Artist Awards (Asia Artist Awards) for the Asia Ecology Creator Award.




Park Hae-jin thanked his fans for winning the honor at the 2018 AAA held at the Southeast gymnasium in Incheon on Wednesday. The award was an award-winning eco-creator of Asia, and Park Hae-jin said, "I'll thank you so much for your good work, and thank you for my fans for their humility"



AAA is a global award ceremony for singers and actors, and has been named the winners for actors who are active in both Korea and abroad. After winning the Best Artist award last year, Park also stepped on the AAA red carpet this year, demonstrating once again the top Hallyu star.




Park Hae-jin, who is now the crown prince of Asia, is known for his luxuriousness, masculine beauty, and outstanding acting skills that give him every work a sense of trust, and is constantly doing good things that's why he was named as an "Angel". In particular, he has been known to foreign fans as he has been doing volunteer work and donation activities overseas, including supporting children at the Shanghai Children's Welfare Center and planting trees to reduce Chinese fine dust.



Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin is also speeding up his overseas activities, including a fan meeting in Japan in November and a fan meeting in Thailand in January.