INFINITE To Hold Their Year-end Concert With Their Fans


INFINITE will hold fan meetings at the end of December and will end 2018 with their fans



Woollim Entertainment announced its "2018 Infinite Fan Mining Forever" on December 30 and 31 at the Hwajeong Gymnasium in Anam-dong, Seoul.




In this year, Infinite has actively engaged in individual activities such as music, movies, dramas, musicals, and DJs. The concert will be held on December 31 and will begin at 10 pm until New Year's Day. This is what maeks the fan meeting more special. It will provide a variety of memories, such as New Year's Day countdown with fans.




"We have prepared a venue for this year with our fans who have been rooting for the Infinit," Woollim Entertainment stated.




Inspirits, are you ready?